? Every Mother's Son Band

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Band Members

Michael "dirtdawg" Adams

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Forced into music at an early age. Kidnapped by gypsies and sold to a Russion circus. Fluent in nearly one language.

Mark Campbell

Guitars & Vocals

Mark bought his first guitar, a Custom Black Les Paul, in 1982 and has been playing it ever since. He cut his musical teeth learning Southern Rock.

Jeff Currey

Percussion & Vocals & Sound

Started playing drums after a brief stint of running sound for various local bands.

Bruce Herzig

Guitars & Vocals

Started playing what is now classic rock when it was new. Have never sold a guitar, that's probably why I have one for every day of the week.

Rick Ware

Bass Guitar

Rick has shown up at get togethers playing bass for 35 years. We think he is a ghost of bass players past, but the research is still underway.

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Jeff --  513-377-7635
Bruce -- 513-315-9282


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